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Emma Hutton

Currently as Director and Founder of her own personal training company called Emazon, Emma is a specialist in multi sports and Mixed Martial Arts and has been teaching her skills for 6 years in the fitness industry.

Emazon operates a team of 12 trainers that now leaves her available to pursue her career in film and television. Being a personal trainer and martial arts coach she is in shape all months of the year and dedicated to enhancing her skills constantly.

Recently winning Central Coast BPW ‘’Women of the Year’ and ‘Best in Health and Fitness’ 04 in the Business Awards, Emma is recognised as a leader in the industry.

Internationally trained, Emma has put the strength of her mind and body to the ultimate test by enduring the training techniques of various armed forces such as the US Navy Seal, US Commandos and the A.D.F through civilian programs and self sourced instruction in conjunction with with 4 years of mixed martial art training featuring boxing, kickboxing and submission wrestling.

Married to Australia’s Number One Full Contact Fighter, Mark Hutton they re a charismatic team. Standing almost 6ft she has an inspiring stature and presence that is effective on screen and print.

She has achieved a successful career in multi sport racing on an International level representing Nike in the US. In order to pursue her competitive career, Emma is trained in Kayaking, mountain biking, trail/ road running, snow skiing, rocking climbing, abseiling, sky diving and white water rafting.

Her applied knowledge and experience in extreme sports and fight training has lead her into various film and TV stunt roles in both USA and Australia.

Reviewed and featured in various sporting and lifestyle publications such as Ultra Fit, Money Magazine and Good Weekend, Emma has been recognized as a stand out figure in her industry and is an asset to any talent agency to have on their books.

Currently being filmed in a profile documentary that features the success stories and affect of her and her team on over 2000 people. She is currently in the process of publishing her own magazine simply titled EMAZON.

Emma is available throughout the week and chosen weekends as her schedule is flexible with appointed clients. Min of 1 day notice would be preferred as she is based on the central coast. Available to travel to Sydney and surrounding areas as well as interstate or international if needed for periods of time.

Qualified Areas: Martial Arts: Boxing, Kickboxing and Submission Wrestling. Horse riding, snow skiing, and variety of adventure sports.

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